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Lucid Hearing  —  Never Miss a Moment

Inside the Moment

Working closely with product engineers, we set out to bring viewers on a journey inside a Lucid Hearing device to highlight all of the technology working together to ensure the user never misses a moment.

Some Assembly Required

To gain a better understanding of the fit and function of the many components inside this small device, a combination of CAD drawings and photos of the manufacturing process were used to build a highly detailed working model.

Concept Development

With a working model in place, the team then developed various style frames to explore color, lighting, and texture options to best tell the story within brand guidelines.



Grayscale animatics are used throughout a project, assisting the team and client to home in on the timing and motion throughout the piece. This increases efficiencies and allows more time to dial in the final finishes in the end.


Take a sneak peek at an artist’s viewport to see how the final animation comes together.

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