Good people doing great work.

In an industry teeming with egos, you won’t find them here. We’re consistently referred to as the nice guys by our clients and partners, and that’s the way we like it.

Since 2004, we’ve developed long-standing relationships with advertising agencies, production companies, networks, and well known brands to produce a wide variety of content spanning the globe.

As an award winning studio specializing in 3D & 2D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, editing and color grading, we believe every project is an opportunity to surpass client expectations and delight audiences.

Our entire team strives to consistently produce our best work while pushing each other to stretch and grow in all the right ways — both professionally and personally.

We work hard, play hard, and get shit done.

Perks & Benefits

Founded by an artist who understands the effects of being over worked all too well, Elastic Pictures maintains an employee first culture. What does that even mean? Well, it means “Life Work Balance” isn’t just a catch phrase used to lure unsuspecting talent before locking them in a room never to see the light of day.

While collaboration is the norm, our artists are not part of a machine and projects are selected with that in mind. All artists are encouraged to explore areas of interest and not only given the freedom, but encouraged to learn and grow by setting aside time for passion projects to feed the need to create. Sure, there are the occasional late nights, but we do our absolute best to minimize those. Simply put, we take care of our artists.

Competitive Pay

We value great talent, and pay accordingly. We make sure you’re compensated for the skills you bring to the team.

Paid Time Off

On your first day, you start with 3 Weeks of vacation, including 2 weeks of your choosing, plus the week between Christmas and New Years. In addition, we close down the studio for a week-long Company Retreat every year. Hint: it’s usually someplace warm with white sandy beaches and the fish are biting.

Health, Dental, Vision & Life Insurance

Everyone deserves to be healthy, wear a great smile, and see this great big beautiful world in perfect focus, so we pay 100% of yours, and half of your family’s Health Insurance Premiums. We also offer life insurance for each artist, of which we cover 100%.

Matched Retirement

We offer 401(k) savings and we’ll match 100% of your contributions, up to 4% of your annual salary. Your future self will thank you for taking advantage of this great plan.

Breaking Bread

We kick off each week with a team breakfast, and wrap up each week, with the Friday BBQ. Every. Damn. Week. Since the inception of this weekly tradition, we haven’t missed one yet! From fresh baked bread, to smoked brisket, everyone pitches in to bring something special to the table. Yes, we’re artisanal AF. Be cool. An espresso machine, four beer taps, and a sustained stash of snacks keep us fueled throughout the rest of the week.


We make sure to stay on top of tech so your ideas don’t get slowed down by old gear. We are constantly upgrading, replacing and adding new state of the art workstations to make sure every artist has the right tools for every project.

A Creative Collective

There’s a lot of creativity in the air, but there’s also a lot of knowledge in our building. Our Studio building is also home to Auralation Music, a music and post-audio production studio, and The Frame Theory, a cinematically-driven live action production company. Working as independent creative businesses, we also find ourselves working alongside one another quite often.

Our Backyard

Inspiration doesn’t come from sitting behind a computer all day. There is no substitute for life experiences, and that’s why our time outside these walls is equally important to us. When your backyard is the Great Smoky Mountains and surrounded by seven lakes, there’s lots to explore. Our Knoxville Studio sits just across the Tennessee river from downtown, and is only minutes away from great hiking, biking, paddle boarding, fishing, and a host of other outdoor activities.

If you’ve made it this far, chances are — you share a similar mindset.

Let’s talk.

We love what we do, let’s do it together.