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Zoo Knoxville  —  Langur Landing & Gibbon Trails

Monkey Business

When we heard Zoo Knoxville was bringing a new Langur and Gibbon exhibit to town, our team swung into action creating this quintessential tale of a lovable leading character getting some noisy new neighbors.


Character Design

We wanted to give Arya and her new neighbors a fresh look any child would adore. From initial concept artwork through the 3D process, each iteration brought forth more attitude and personality to the characters.


Environmental Design

Initial designs were based loosely on a few photos of the exhibit under construction while drawing inspiration from the natural habitats of both the Langurs and Gibbons. After an up close and personal visit to nearly completed Langur Landing and Gibbon Trails our team went bananas finding the balance between realism and whimsy.


Have A Look Around

How many Langurs and Gibbons can you find in this 360° render of their new home?

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