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Arizona Lottery  —  Adventure

Ticket to Adventure

Every great adventure needs an equally awesome sidekick, right? Well, for this project, the Adventure Scratchers were given a proper boost to hero status and placed front and center in this lively spot for the Arizona Lottery. The campaign encourages Arizonans to check-in at locations across the state for chances to win some pretty sweet prizes. And, we’d like to encourage you to scratch your adventurous itch by taking a behind-the-scenes look at the process of bringing this campaign to the screen. Let’s get to adventuring.

Storyboard Frames

Because we’re told it’s what the people want to see, here are some early explorations.

Character Designs

Once the Adventure Scratchers were properly propped out and personified, we moved on to their human companions.


Background Concept Art

Our team used traditional matte painting and projection mapping techniques to create the vivid and diverse Arizona environments for the Adventure Scratchers and their human tag-a-longs to roam. 

Matte Painting & Projection Mapping


OOH & Print Poses

To help maintain consistency across the campaign, we provided hero poses for use in various print and out of home applications. If you find yourself in Arizona, keep an eye out for ’em, because there is no telling where they might appear.

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