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MasterBuilt  —  Gravity Series Campaign

Fired Up

As charcoal enthusiasts, to say we were absolutely stoked to work on this project would be an understatement. Our excitement grew tenfold when we received a Gravity Series Grill & Smoker of our own to test out ahead of working on the campaign. Between smoking brisket, chicken, pork tenderloin, and grilling burgers, brats, and pork chops, we managed to squeeze in some editing and animation time to get this massive campaign delivered with full bellies and smiles on everyone’s faces.

Under the Hood

As part of the campaign, we edited multiple broadcast commercials, a plethora of social videos, and the above long form how to video. Sample some of social offerings below.





Craving More?

Of course you are. Learn more about how this awesome piece of grilling equipment is changing the game over on our Gravity Series Fly Through page where we take you on a journey through every innovation.


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